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Is it the first time he hit you? The second? How much is too much? At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., we often represent clients for whom physical violence was the last straw leading to divorce. If you are living in fear for yourself and your children, we can help you get the legal protection you deserve at a very affordable rate with an expedited filing of an Order of Protection. You have the power to stop the abuse by calling our law offices now.

The process for obtaining an Order of Protection in New York

An order of protection is a family law court remedy that restricts the behavior of one person who is a threat to another. Judges issue orders of protection, popularly called restraining orders, for a variety of reasons, including domestic violence. To get an order of protection against a spouse, you can call us and get the process started in two ways:

  • Schedule a free consultation — Come into our office and talk to an experienced family law attorney. We’ll take down all the pertinent information and fill out the paperwork, known as a Family Offense Petition. From our office, it’s just a short drive to the Family Court in either Nassau County or Suffolk County.
  • Phone consultation — To save even more time, we can arrange a phone consultation, get the pertinent information, prepare your Family Offense Petition, and meet you at the court of your choice.

Your application for an order of protection requires a brief appearance before the judge, who will ask a few simple questions related to the facts in your filing. We’ll remain at your side for that appearance to ensure you get a temporary protective order. This temporary order provides a range of remedies, depending on your circumstances:

  • Exclusion of the threatening party from your home
  • An order against him to stay away from you, your children, your home and any other place the court deems necessary
  • Restraint on certain acts, such as calling, texting, or emailing you
  • Temporary child support
  • Surrender of the abuser’s firearms

Within three days, the judge holds another hearing to give the target of your protective order an opportunity to rebut the allegations in your Family Offense Petition. We represent you at this hearing. After the hearing, if all goes well, you’ll have a permanent order of protection, which lasts from two to five years.

Consequences of violating a family protection order

A restraining order has the force of law behind it. If your abuser violates any condition of the order, you have enforcement remedies available. You can ask the police to arrest your abuser for violating the order, and a judge can impose a fine or jail time. If you’ve been threatened or assaulted, this is protection you cannot be without. Call Salamone & Associates today to get the legal protection you need and deserve.

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Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. is well known for aggressive representation in the toughest divorce and family law cases. We are determined to get our clients the legal protections they need to be safe and secure. To schedule a free initial consultation, you can click to contact our office online. But, if you are feeling threatened, pick up the phone and call 1.631.479.3839 right now!