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Really Bad (Yet Unfortunately Common) Pieces of Divorce Advice to Ignore

Really Bad (Yet Unfortunately Common) Pieces of Divorce Advice to Ignore

As you are going through a divorce, chances are you will receive a lot of unsolicited advice from family members and friends who may or may not have ever experienced a divorce of their own. Although they almost certainly mean well, it’s important to remember that each divorce is different, and any advice they give might not be appropriate for your situation.

To that end, here are some common pieces of bad advice related to divorce:

  • Wait at least a year before dating again: This isn’t true for everyone, and some people may be able to recover and get back on the dating scene more quickly than others. You shouldn’t put any limitations or timeframes on when you can start dating again. Instead, focus on getting yourself into the right emotional or mental state to move forward successfully.
  • Never let your ex-spouse in the home: This is simply childish and could also affect your kids in a negative way. You need to at least attempt to remain cordial with your former spouse so you do not influence the relationship your children have with that person.
  • Never get married again: This is, again, poor advice that does not take into account the fact that everyone is different. Although some people may wish to avoid marrying again, others may find a great partner who makes them truly happy.
  • Just move on and don’t feel sorry for yourself: It is completely natural to spend time in grief. Anyone who tells you to stop feeling sorry for yourself either has never been in your situation or simply does not respect you and your emotions. You have the right to take some time to figure out your feelings.

Working with a skilled attorney can help make the divorce process a little less stressful. For the guidance and advice you need, meet with a dedicated Suffolk County family law attorney at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates.

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