Advice If You’re Getting Divorced After a Decades-Long Marriage

Advice If You’re Getting Divorced After a Decades-Long Marriage

While the overall U.S. divorce rate appears to be declining, studies show that divorce among older adults is actually on the rise. This means that more people are getting divorced after many years of marriage — a fact that makes the dissolution of marriage more complicated.

Divorcing later in life is often a result of what people call “empty nest syndrome.” After the kids have grown and left the house for good, couples might suddenly find they are not as in love as they were, or that they no longer have common interests. There could also be tension in this new transitional phase, as one spouse may be ready for retirement while another continues to work long hours.

The following are a few points of advice for people who are getting divorced after decades-long marriages:

  • Take a close look at your finances: Because you have been married for so long, you might not have paid a lot of attention to your finances in some time, as you have probably fallen into a routine. You need to carefully look at how a divorce will affect your living situation, your ability to retire, your taxes and other elements of your financial outlook.
  • Be as flexible as you can: It’s probably easier said than done to be flexible when you’ve spent the last several decades with the same person, but it’s important to embrace flexibility as much as possible. This is especially true if you need to find a job after you’ve already retired. Looking for a job might not be easy at an advanced age, but it could be necessary for your situation.
  • Figure out a good living arrangement: You might not be able to hang on to your marital home. As you look for a new place to live, don’t just think about where you currently are in your life, but also where you will be in five, 10 or f15 years. Will you be able to comfortably age in place, or will you need additional help?
  • Embrace a fresh start: Just because you are in the later stages of your life does not mean you cannot take advantage of a fresh start. It can be a great opportunity for you to recapture some of your youth or take up hobbies and activities you might never have been able to enjoy before.

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