Ashley Madison Dating Network Hacked

Long Island attorney urges people to divorce before they cheat. 

Ashley Madison, the dating website that helps married people commit adultery, has been hit by hackers.  “Ashley Madison” has millions of customers who have provided their credit card and personal information to the site in the hopes of linking up with other customers for casual, anonymous affairs.  It caters to the married individual who seeks one-time “casual encounters”.  As a result of the hack, divorce attorney, Bryan L. Salamone, is already receiving calls and retaining clients. 

The hackers are now threatening to release identifying information on some of the 37 million members that have personal information saved into this site, a site which previously bragged about its data security.  The site has hired world renowned I.T. consultants to combat this hack.  If the exposed personal information goes public, the result could be millions of exposed adulterers, affairs, and, ultimately, divorces.

Bryan L. Salamone, Esq., the owner of Long Island’s largest and most successful divorce law firm, previously had been interviewed on a smaller scale operation by Kathleen Rice, Nassau County’s District Attorney, who conducted a “flush the Johns” sting on prostitution customers.  It exposed the customers’ names and likenesses in the media, causing a boom of divorces for the Bryan L. Salamone & Associates divorce law firm.[1] 

In many blogs and in articles, Bryan L. Salamone has urged people to divorce prior to cheating.  Cheating brings danger, disease and lies into a relationship and a family.  It makes a relationship inappropriate, unhealthy and unsafe on so many levels.  Rather than cheat, a person should have the respect, if not the guts, to confront their partner with a divorce or a request for divorce. 

Ashley Madison’s advertised slogan “Life is short; have an affair”, could be adapted to “Life is short; if you’re unhappy in your marriage, get a divorce” according to Bryan L. Salamone, Esq.  However, Mr. Salamone cautions that if you do not take such a stance, you will be on the receiving end of the Summons for Divorce when you are caught.  What percentage of cheaters get caught?  Shockingly, it is less than 20%.  That is dangerous.  According to Mr. Salamone, it is the adulterers that don’t get caught that are committing the largest crime – years of lies, financial ruin, and loss of time with a family that becomes a victim of the adultery. 

Adultery no longer results in large financial awards in divorce and it most often does not prevent alimony.  Therefore, there is little reason why a person should not confess and move on to a happier life, thus allowing their family to move on to find someone who loves and is true to them.

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