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Man Charged with Faking Own Death to Avoid Paying Child Support

Paying child support is a serious moral and legal obligation. In New York and elsewhere, governments use varied methods to compel parents to comply with orders mandating that they help meet the financial needs of their sons and daughters. Still, there are people who try to beat the system by collecting income under the table,… Read More »

IVF Controversy Focuses Attention on Pre-Birth Child Support Laws

Though questions about when life truly begins have been debated for a long time, the Supreme Court’s repeal of Roe v. Wade by the 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision has triggered new debates about legal rights and responsibilities associated with pregnancy. In fact, lawmakers in some states are calling for child support… Read More »

After Acknowledging Paternity, Al Pacino and His Girlfriend Reach an Agreement on Custody and Child Support

The romantic relationship between legendary actor Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah has attracted media attention for several reasons, including the 54-year gap in their ages. A few months after the couple announced in June 2023 that they had welcomed a baby son named Roman, Alfallah petitioned a New York court for an order setting forth… Read More »

Long Island Judge Says Child Support Stipulation Does Not Cover Sorority Rush Costs

Unlike many other states, New York authorizes courts to include responsibility for higher education costs in a child support order. This might make sense to parents of students in or approaching college, where annual expenses for tuition, room, board and books can come close to $100,000 at some schools. Beyond those basics, there are other… Read More »

Court Awards Costner’s Estranged Wife $129,000 in Monthly Child Support

Children have a difficult enough time when their parents divorce, and a dramatic shift in their daily routine can make the situation even more traumatic. One goal of child support is to order payments that allow young people to maintain the same lifestyle as they enjoyed while their parents were together. Following a contentious proceeding,… Read More »

What Would Happen if Hunter Biden’s Child Support Case Were in a New York Court?

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter asked an Arkansas court to reduce the amount he pays to support the four-year-old daughter he fathered with a former Washington, D.C. stripper. Lunden Roberts, the mother of Navy Joan Roberts, is opposing Hunter’s attempt to revise the parties’ 2020 agreement regarding paternity and child support. While most people’s child… Read More »

Can Life Insurance Be Ordered to Secure a Child Support Obligation?

Parents need to do whatever they can to see that their children are protected no matter what comes along in the future. This is true whether they’re living together as a married couple or have ended their relationship. While it’s difficult to safeguard against every potential change in circumstances, parents should consider how the financial… Read More »

Former NBA Star Acknowledges Paternity and Must Pay Child Support

Even when there is no real dispute about the paternity of a child, taking the necessary action to ensure that child support is provided can be long and complicated. As an example, Basketball Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett has finally resolved a legal dispute with Necat Akman regarding support for their daughter Naya, who is… Read More »

NY Extends Child Support to Adults with Developmental Disabilities

New York parents with developmentally disabled sons and daughters now have the right to petition courts for child support payments until the child is 26, thanks to a law passed in the fall of 2021. Prior to passage of the new law, child support ended when a son or daughter reached the age of 18… Read More »

How to Calculate Child Support in New York — Use Our Calculator!

After a divorce, the parent who is not granted custody of the children generally will be the one who is charged with paying child support. If the parents have joint custody, the parent with the greater income is treated as the non-custodial parent and will therefore be obligated to pay, but the amount will be… Read More »