Combining a Divorce with a Career Change


Divorce is a major life transition that can seem overwhelming. The same can be said about a career change. With that in mind, you might be hesitant to find a new line of work at the same time as you’re ending your marriage, but there are ways that you can successfully combine the two life changes.

There are many reasons why you might decide to adjust your job path during the divorce process. Perhaps you want a more lucrative career now that you won’t have a spouse to help share the financial load. You could also use a new job to meet a different group of people as you aim to enjoy life as a single person. Embarking on a new career could also provide the challenge you need to make a clean emotional break from the problems that led to the end of your relationship.

If you are considering a new career direction that coincides with your divorce, there are some things you should remember:

  • Be upfront about your situation — Even if there were serious disagreements or deceptions in your marriage, honesty is always the best policy in divorce. At the point you decide to move to a new job, speak to your spouse about it. This way, you can negotiate parenting and financial terms that suit your new situation and can counter allegations that you are only making a career change to obtain more favorable child support or spousal maintenance terms.
  • Keep your children in mind — The manner in which you handle your divorce could have a substantial effect on its outcome. Judges make decisions on custody and visitation based on what is in the best interests of the child. Even if you have what seems like a good excuse, such as job hunting or training, missing scheduled visits or relying on your spouse to handle nearly all of the parenting responsibilities could prevent you from getting the parenting time arrangement that you seek.
  • Get the help you need — Whether you’re starting employment in a new field or ending a marriage, knowledgeable guidance from an experienced professional is essential to a successful outcome. Hiring the right divorce lawyer will ease your burden as you take your life in a new direction.

At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., we provide comprehensive legal counsel to Long Island residents who are going through a divorce. If you’re also experiencing other major life events at the same time, such as a career change or the loss of a loved one, our lawyers will advise you as to how those situations might affect your marriage dissolution process. For a consultation with an experienced New York lawyer, please call 1.631.479.3839 or contact us online.

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