Common Red Flags of Financial Fraud During Divorce

Common Red Flags of Financial Fraud During Divorce

There are a lot of difficult emotions that surround the divorce process, and people who are involved in divorces might make poor decisions that are a result of these emotions. One example of such a decision is to attempt to conceal assets to prevent them from being divided in the divorce process. This is a form of financial fraud, and it’s one you should carefully watch for during your divorce.

Some common red flags of potential financial fraud during your divorce include:

  • Mail issues: If you suddenly notice strange new mail coming to your home, or if you notice certain pieces of mail are no longer coming or have been rerouted to a different address, this could be a sign of potential financial fraud.
  • Protective of screens: If you notice your spouse spending more time on the computer or devices, or being particularly protective of ensuring you do not see what’s on their screen, this is a red flag.
  • Withdrawals: If you notice strange or regular cash withdrawals from bank accounts, you should consider this a red flag worth your attention.
  • Loans: If your spouse loans or gives money to family members or friends without you knowing or consenting, this is a big-time red flag, especially if a divorce is imminent.
  • Other strange changes: Unexplained changes in behavior, new additions or changes in confidentiality between spouses can all be signs of potential fraud.

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