Divorce in New York

Divorce is difficult and even couples who split amicably find themselves facing questions, disagreements, and lifestyle changes they never imagined. Significant decisions made during divorce affect the rest of your life—and the lives of your children. That is why it is so crucial to retain a strong, experienced family law firm.

Our many years spent inside and outside the courtroom, helping clients work through legal questions about divorce, have taught us the key issues you can expect to confront during a divorce in New York:

  • Type of divorce: Is your divorce contested or uncontested? Are you interested in mediation?
  • Spousal and child support: The question of money for child support or maintenance for a spouse with a lesser income quickly comes into play at the outset of a divorce action.
  • Child custody: The best interests of children and desires of both parents can clash during custody disputes. When contested custody arrangements fuel bitter battles between parents, the children lose.
  • Property division: Pensions, property, and the value of possessions must be evaluated prior to an equitable division of marital assets.

During a divorce or child custody dispute, your future is in question at a time when you may not have the information or peace of mind to make your best decisions.

Get good legal help navigating the process to inform your decisions, craft agreements, and—if needed—help you enforce those agreements down the line.

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