Frequently Asked Questions About Changing Your Name After Marriage or Divorce

Frequently Asked Questions About Changing Your Name After Marriage or Divorce

Whether you are preparing for a marriage or going through a divorce, you may have questions about the process for changing your name. The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients:

Q: Do I need to go to court to get a name change?

If you are changing your name to that of your new spouse or returning to your maiden name after a divorce, you can simply begin using your new (or old) name. Using a marriage certificate or divorce decree serves as enough proof of your name change. Only in the event of a change to an entirely new name will you need to get a court order.

Q: What happens if I have difficulty getting accepted in certain situations with my new name?

One helpful strategy is to carry documentation that shows both your old and new names. A passport can show your old name, as well as listing the new name as an “AKA.” For the most part, you can work around difficulties by speaking with supervisors or contacting the main offices of government agencies. If institutions continue to give you a hard time, you may obtain a judge’s order legally establishing your new name.

Q: Who do I need to contact about my name change?

You should contact various government and business agencies that you regularly deal with and get your name changed on their records. This includes banks, insurance providers and the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. If you have any professional licenses, you should also have your name updated in those records.

If you have further questions about getting your name changed in the state of New York, consult an experienced Long Island divorce lawyer with Bryan L. Salamone & Associates.

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