How Not to Get Divorced During This Holiday Season…By New York’s Top Divorce Lawyer

How Not to Get Divorced During This Holiday Season

Every year we compile data on marriage and divorce. Over the years, trends have become apparent and over time relevant trends occur.

Most often people are aware of what causes divorce, but they do not know what causes the opposite; a long lasting safe, and healthy relationship. We have compiled all our research for this year and have determined the top reasons why people divorce:

  1. Infidelity
  2. Financial difficulties

Number three is not the usual sex or money reason for a divorce, it is much more. There seems to be a very large percentage of people who are in marital relationships where they don't feel special. Whether it is or isn’t for any specific reason, it is is occurring far more now than ever.

This year's survey showed us that most wives who seek divorce believe their husbands to be narcissists, and most all of our mediation requests are prompted by the spouse who earns the most money, regardless of gender or role. The wealthier spouse usually proclaims that they are wealthy because they do not give their money to lawyers. Most often, the wealthier party is seeking to prevent their spouse and their spouse’s attorney from getting any of their money. These spouses would often prefer to bypass their husband or wife altogether and make non-traditional payments to a care provider or even directly to their child(ren).

One thing that remains constant is that whether or not parents are divorcing, no parent should ever say anything negative about the other parent to their children. This is harder to implement than it is to say. When people hate each other it is their natural reaction to express that hatred and venom. If those feelings are directed to your child's parent, don't do it.

Now that you know what makes people divorce and what the leading divorce law firm encounters daily, here is how you stay married:

  1. Don't cheat;
  2. Do all you can to support the family financially; and
  3. Make your spouse feel special.

Your wife or husband does not have to be special to anyone else in the world, but make your spouse feel like they are special to you. If these three things were done consistently, a huge percentage of divorces would not be occurring at all.

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