How to Help Your Children Get Through Your Divorce

Divorce is certainly a stressful process for children. However, there are still ways that you can help your kids get through the process so that it is easier for them to be at peace with your decision and get back to living a happy, “normal” life.

The following are few tips for helping your children through the divorce process:

  • Be honest with your children. Tell them why you are getting divorced, and allow them to ask questions. Make sure that they know that you are still both there for them as parents, even though your family situation is going to be changing.
  • Make sure they know the divorce isn’t their fault. Children have a tendency to blame themselves when their parents get divorced, so be sure to let them know early and often that this isn’t at all the case. They should understand that this decision did not arise because of anything they did.
  • Don’t argue with/badmouth your spouse in front of your kids. Not only will this make the divorce process significantly harder on spouses and children alike, but it could also lead to challenges with custody arrangements. Plus, you shouldn’t manipulate your children into feeling a certain way about your spouse — the best possible arrangement is one in which they still respect both parents.
  • Do not use your children. Never restrict their access to the other parent, and never use them as a spy to find out what your spouse is doing. This puts your children in a terrible, stressful position.
  • Do not let your child turn into a parent. Your children should still be able to be children. They should not be your confidants.

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