How to Prepare Yourself for Divorce Court

How to Prepare Yourself for Divorce Court

The prospect of going to court for your divorce can be a bit overwhelming. However, if you come into the process fully prepared and knowing what to expect, it can be a bit less scary.

Here are a few strategies you should implement to get yourself ready for your court appearance.

  • Talk to your attorney: Your lawyer has been to court countless times and will be able to give you a full briefing on what you can expect to encounter—everything from how the opposing team will approach the case to the layout and atmosphere of the courtroom.
  • Be truthful and careful: Whenever you are asked a question, answer honestly, as if you are under oath. If you do not know an answer, do not guess—simply say you do not know, and that is the best answer you can provide. Don’t feel like you need to rush when answering a question; take your time and consider your words before answering.
  • Choose an outfit: When you’re preparing to go to court, make sure you have an outfit that is appropriate and professional. The judge will be more likely to take you seriously if it looks like you are taking the case seriously. Dress sharply, practice good hygiene and use good posture.
  • Be brief with responses: When asked questions, keep your responses brief and on topic. Do not try to add explanations, and avoid unnecessary tangents.
  • Keep your emotions in check: This one can be hard to prepare for. The emotions of the courtroom can become overwhelming, especially if it is a contentious divorce and you have to spend extended time in the room with your spouse. Use whatever strategies work for you to center yourself and prepare emotionally for what lies ahead.

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