Is a Sleep Divorce a Precursor to the Real Thing?

Is a Sleep Divorce a Precursor to the Real Thing?

From scientific surveys to viral TikTok videos, public discussion regarding “sleep divorces” has exploded over the past couple of years. In these arrangements, couples opt to sleep in different rooms despite the fact that they remain happily married. Many spouses who have taken this step say that they are finally getting the rest they need and that their intimacy has not suffered. Still, there might be instances where different beds are a sign of more serious differences between spouses.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, one-third of married Americans no longer share the same bed. Some of the reasons why sleep divorce is so common include:

  • Partners who require different amounts of sleep
  • Different preferences relating to room temperature or mattress firmness
  • Sleep equipment, such as CPAP machines
  • Snoring
  • Couples where one spouse is an early riser while the other is a night owl

Lack of sleep has been cited as a contributor for numerous medical problems, so if one spouse is tossing and turning because of the other’s nighttime habits, spending the wee hours apart might be a healthy decision. Relations between husbands and wives are likely to be friendlier in the morning as well if both have had a satisfactory rest. And couples can still engage in their favorite pre-sleep bedroom activities before nodding off in different places.

Of course, there are situations where distance between spouses is not just a matter of sleep preference or convenience. Decamping to separate rooms could be a sign that a couple has grown apart emotionally, but neither party is willing to take the step of requesting a divorce. If you’re unhappy in your marriage, it’s important to remember that the divorce process does not have to involve a fierce, drawn-out battle. In fact, many couples use mediation to reach a simple divorce solution that gives both spouses the chance to move forward successfully and amicably.

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