Is Divorce Catching?

A few years ago, a cluster of celebrity divorces gave rise to the idea that divorce could be contagious. It was thought that seeing high-profile couples calling it quits was having a ripple effect on people in general deciding to separate. Yet, there are still many people who stay in an unhappy marriage for decades before deciding they are done. It seems like a simple question but it’s one worth asking: Why do people divorce?

As a family law attorney, I know there are many reasons that people become unhappy in their marriages and finally make the decision to end them.  Some of the most common reasons our clients reach this decision are:

  • Disillusionment — People don’t always choose the most compatible person to marry, and love often blinds couples to each other’s faults — until it’s too late.  When time passes and expectations of closeness, companionship or shared experience are not met, the light goes out, and reality sets in.
  • Infidelity — Even when marital infidelity is forgiven, no marriage affected by adultery is ever quite the same.
  • Economics — Money and how it is earned, spent and saved plays a significant factor in whether you’re living in wedded bliss or bickering over finances. Couples frequently fail to understand that love does not pay the bills. A financially cautious spouse paired with one who spends easily and freely eventually leads to trouble.
  • Addictions, violence, instability — When the personal life of one spouse falls apart, the marriage also tends to fall apart.

As to the contagious nature of divorce, there may be something to it. A study headed by a Brown University researcher found that the breakup of the marriage of a close friend can increase the likelihood of divorce by up to 75 percent. Whatever your reasons for considering divorce, Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C, offers trusted legal guidance.

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