New York City Does More to Help People Paying Child Support

An independent report examining New York City’s Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) has found that the agency has shifted to a more family-centered focus in its approach to child support issues.

According to the Amsterdam News, the OCSE, founded in 1975, began as an agency to oversee the payment of child support. In the past, the agency has used largely punitive measures to punish noncustodial parents who fell behind on child support, while providing financial resources and health care assistance to custodial parents and children dealing with a lack of support payments from their former partners.

Although the OCSE struggled throughout its first two decades of operation, the agency became much more effective in the mid-1990s due to an overhaul in public assistance programs both in the city and nationwide. Even more recently, however, the OCSE ramped up its efforts to help noncustodial parents make their monthly child support payments, which advocates say does more to address the root of the problem.

In addition, the agency has engaged in efforts to advocate for the state to implement more realistic policies related to child support orders, and has provided a number of grants to individuals struggling to meet their support payment obligations.

The efforts of the OCSE has helped thousands of families succeed using different means, and it’s clear that the agency’s recent initiatives have been effective in taking a much more comprehensive approach to child support matters. If you or your family is dealing with a difficult child support–related issue in New York, contact a knowledgeable family law attorney with Bryan L. Salamone & Associates.

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