Number One Attribute of a Good Divorce Lawyer: Business Sense

A great Nassau County Judge once stated; “There are three issues in every divorce:

  1. Money;
  2. Money; and
  3. Money.”

-Nassau County Judge, November 2015

Many people will think that a divorce lawyer should be aggressive; others think compassionate; many think it’s a job that involves hand-holding or therapy. Nonsense. In the State of New York (specifically in Long Island) the high money cases and the most difficult cases are those where one of the spouses owns a business or has a business interest. If you own a business you should hire a divorce lawyer that knows more about business than you do and most importantly, more than your spouse does! That lawyer should be able to see your value of a “key man” or “key woman” in that business and the damage that could occur to that business if you were to take from the businesses income stream and give it to the spouse in connection with a settlement.

If your spouse owns a business and tells you “it’s none of your business” they are mistaken. That is when you need a divorce lawyer that has more business sense than your spouse does. When your spouse can control their income stream, their profit and loss, as well as their holdings, you better hire a lawyer that is more savvy in business experience than your spouse. While it is nice to think that young hungry lawyers can do the job and that their eagerness will somehow make up for a lack of experience, the truth is : if your divorce lawyer is not a great business man or woman you will probably not be served in the event that your case is one that involves a small business; a large business; a family business; or a sole proprietorship in Long Island and/or New York. If your lawyer is using an expert that is good. If your lawyer is being educated by the expert, that is bad. A business savvy lawyer directs his/her expert.

Over the last 25 years we have had the pleasure of handling over 19,000 cases. A large percentage of these cases involve businesses; local business; international businesses; mom and pop businesses; and the businesses that you see on Old Country Road; Jericho Turnpike; Northern Blvd.; and Hillside Avenue. These businesses, their business reports, and expert reports have been reviewed by our firm since the 1990’s. We have seen the market forces change and the law market evolve in Long Island, the Boroughs and New York City.

If you either own a business or your spouse owns a business you owe it to yourself to meet with us so that we can discuss your rights and your options in connection with your specific case. Do not trust your case to someone who does not have the business experience that either you or your spouse possess. We offer free consultations in selective matters. Please contact us at (631) 424-3597 or contact us online.

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