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Who Pays the Attorneys’ Fees in a New York Divorce?

Like any other legal proceeding, your divorce requires skillful guidance from a qualified lawyer who can protect your rights effectively. However, many spouses facing marriage dissolution are concerned about how their attorneys’ fees might add to their overall financial burden. This fear can be particularly acute when one spouse has relied on the other for… Read More »

What Is the Process for Obtaining Legal Fees in a Divorce?

Divorce can be an expensive proposition. Attorneys’ fees can climb quickly while spouses argue over child custody, alimony, property and other issues. Sometimes, a spouse will initiate a divorce proceeding believing that the other spouse will be responsible for paying the legal fees for both parties, along with all the other costs associated with the… Read More »

Grounds for Divorce—No One’s Fault

On October 12, 2010, New York became the last state in the country to adopt a no-fault provision as grounds[H1] for ending a marriage. Domestic Relations Law §170(7) now allows for dissolution of marriage if one party swears under oath the marriage relationship has broken down irretrievably and if major issues such as support, child… Read More »