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The Custody Tale of Baby Veronica

The biological parents of Veronica, Christy Maldonado and Dusten Brown, were unwed when Veronica was conceived and they soon split as a couple. Prior to Veronica’s birth, Brown terminated his parental rights in writing and provided no support to Maldonado or her unborn child.  Seeking a good family environment for her child, Maldonado chose Matt… Read More »

Internet Fantasy Lives: What Texting & Sexting Means in the Electronic Age of No-Fault Divorce

No-Fault does not mean that there are no longer adultery grounds in New York State. The adultery ground is alive and well but it is rarely used. Sexting, internet contact and dating sites, are all used most prevalently in custody battles. The custody battle: The Court will determine whether or not your children are exposed… Read More »

Understanding Legal Representation for Your Child

When a court believes it is in his or her best interests, your child may be appointed a legal representative. Understanding the different personnel who deal with your child in a legal setting is confusing but critical for you to know. While family law matters concerning child welfare give rise to appointment of legal representation,… Read More »