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How to Start a Divorce Case in New York

Are you wondering what you need to do to get your divorce case started in New York? Your first step will be to purchase an index number at your County Clerk’s Office. Then, you will file a Summons with Notice or a Summons and Verified Complaint, in which you will provide the reasons you are… Read More »

How Infidelity Might Impact a Divorce Case

A recent hack into leading infidelity website, AshleyMadison.com, raised questions for many about the role of infidelity in a relationship. Through the site’s security breach, the personal information of more than 37 million users was obtained. With the hack making national headlines, it is causing spouses nationwide to address the impact that adultery can have… Read More »

You Can Appeal a Divorce Arrangement if There Was a Mistake

If you believe that the judge in your divorce hearings made some sort of error that led to an unfair arrangement or that otherwise impacted your case, you do have the ability to file an appeal. In this situation, a higher court would review the original case and the original judge’s decision. However, it is… Read More »

I Want a Divorce. Will I Have to Endure a Long Court Battle?

There is no easy answer to this question. Every divorce case is different. However, the majority of divorce cases are uncontested. This means that the couple was able to agree on issues like alimony, child support, and custody without the assistance of the court. Uncontested divorces are resolved quickly and no court battle occurs. People… Read More »