The Biggest Misconceptions of Divorce

For as many misconceptions as people have about marriage, there are just as many that exist about divorce. Many people hold on to these myths and falsehoods very closely, making it difficult to make the decision to end what most would consider a bad relationship.

The following are just a few of the most common misconceptions about divorce:

  • You’ll never be able to meet another person right for you: Contrary to what’s frequently displayed in movies and television, there’s no “one perfect person” or “soul mate” for everyone. No matter who you are or how old you are, you still have a good chance of meeting someone who’s right for you. Your current marriage was not your only chance at finding lasting love.
  • Divorce is a sign of failure: If anything, knowing when to leave a bad relationship is incredibly courageous and admirable. It would be unhealthy for you, your spouse and your children to remain in a relationship that no longer has any positives.
  • Divorce is immoral: Some people like to portray divorcees as being less ethical than people who stay in their marriages forever. Others associate divorce with sexual promiscuity. The fact is that divorce is common, and people from all backgrounds and walks of life go through the process. You should never allow yourself to be shamed into doing something that is unhealthy or simply wrong for your life and your situation.
  • Your children will never recover: There is certainly no getting around the fact that divorce will be difficult on your children, at least at first. However, with hard work, support and enough love, your children will recover just as you will over time.

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