Tips for Handling a Divorce in Your 20s

Going through a divorce can be difficult at any age. For couples who end a marriage while in their 20, however, it may be especially challenging. Here are some helpful tips if this is the situation in which you find yourself:

  • Delay dating until your divorce is final: Even though friends may want to help you embrace your newly single status, it is always in your best interest to put off dating until your divorce proceedings are complete. Dating while in negotiations can cause hurt and confuse feelings, and may ultimately affect the outcome of your settlement.
  • Consider divorcing through mediation: Mediation is becoming an increasingly popular way for couples to divorce in a non-adversarial way. Divorce through mediation involves hiring one lawyer to represent both you and your spouse. Together, you engage in a series of discussions to determine the division of your property, assets and debts. While not for everyone, mediation can sometimes offer a quicker and less costly alternative to more traditional divorce proceedings.
  • Keep you divorce off of social media: Couples who are divorcing should always refrain from posting about negotiations on social media. Sharing about your spouse online may feel rewarding in the moment, but is rarely helpful in the long-run. In fact, posts related to your divorce may be used against you in court. When it comes to social media and your divorce, it’s always a good idea to keep matters private.
  • Build a reliable support system: Going through a divorce in your twenties may sometimes feel isolating. It is important to create a dependable team of people who can help you navigate through this period in your life. By relying on family, friends, legal professionals and counselors you can trust, you will be able to confidently move forward in the direction of your choosing.

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