What About Dating During Divorce in New York?

One is not the loneliest number. Two — in a failing marriage — is worse. When discontent leads to divorce, meeting someone new may be a priority to you as your divorce proceeds.

Our law firm represents clients throughout Nassau County and New York seeking divorce. While simple divorces can conclude within a year, high asset or high conflict divorce may take several years. Although one reason for divorce is to move back into life and meet new friends and perhaps a romantic partner, how feasible is it to sit by while your legal proceeding winds its way through court?

Life is for the living and only you can decide how to proceed, especially if you are under the lens of a high conflict divorce. Consider these points:

  • Keep it friendly: If you can keep the atmosphere between you and your divorcing spouse reasonably amicable, you may have fewer problems if you do decide to date. Mutual agreement to move on leaves both parties with self-respect. An affair that leads to divorce is dry tinder for a drawn out, bitter divorce battle.
  • Not for children: You may be lonely and your divorce might be amicable — but your children may not be ready to see you with another partner, or be willing to give up time with you while you date. Always be respectful of your children, their maturity and need for stability in the time following any kind of marital upset.
  • Bitter divorce: If your divorce process is unsteady and agreements yet to be made depend on the relationship between you and a potentially hostile partner, hold off on publically dating if you know it will make working with your spouse more difficult. Remember, if separated, you are still legally married.

Regardless of dating status throughout divorce, steer clear of social media and tagged photographs. If you are over-exposed or need strong legal representation in New York, contact Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C.

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