What Are the Alternatives to Traditional Divorce?

Are you and your spouse having problems? Are you considering divorce? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may be surprised to learn that there are alternatives to traditional and often contentious divorce. For many couples who wish to separate, uncontested divorce is the answer.

Yet for others, the following alternatives are more appropriate:

  • Legal separation. If you and your spouse are having problems, but you are not ready for divorce, separation may be a more suitable option. Separation is also good for couples who wish to retain the financial and insurance benefits of being married.
  • Mediation. One of the features that make mediation so attractive to couples who wish to divorce is the fact that it takes place in a relaxing environment, instead of a courtroom. Mediation also relies on the assistance of a third party mediator. This person helps couples stay focused on the issues at hand, but also acts neutrally. The process of mediation takes place over several short sessions where couples work at coming to mutually beneficial terms. Mediation is more cost-effective and less time-consuming than traditional divorce.
  • Collaborative divorce. A large number of couples who wish to dissolve their marriage are turning to collaborative divorce. At first glance, it appears similar to mediation. It deviates from mediation by relying on a participation agreement. This agreement binds each spouse and his or her respective attorney from taking legal action. If the collaborative process fails, the legal counsel of each party must resign and each spouse must retain new counsel for litigation.

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