What to Do if Your Spouse Attempts to Delay the Divorce Process

Divorce can be a long and stressful process, especially if your former partner seems to be trying to delay it as much as possible. If this is happening to you, it’s important to understand that there are strategies available to fight back against the delay tactics and keep the case proceeding as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Steps to take to prevent delays

In some cases, individuals attempt to delay a divorce in hopes of repairing the relationship. They could ask the court for extensions, or simply refuse to respond to any filings you have made in court.

As soon as the deadline for responding to the paperwork has passed, you are able to seek a default judgment, in which a judge gives you exactly what you are seeking in your divorce petition. Because your spouse did not respond, the court could assume that he or she agrees to the terms you have set. You will still need to show the court you provided your spouse with proper notice, but the chances of a positive result are good.

What’s more frustrating is when your spouse does respond, but takes as long as possible to do so. There are situations in which individuals will request extensions, regularly cancel depositions and refuse to agree to mediation times. You might have to take stronger action to get your former spouse to cooperate in these situations. For example, if the individual continually cancels depositions, you may file a formal motion to have the court take action.

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