What You Can Learn from Your Divorcing Parents

Divorce can be a learning opportunity not only for the couple going through it, but also for any adult children they have who are in relationships of their own. Even fully grown children of divorcing parents are likely to have a difficult time adapting to the major changes a divorce can bring. But it also provides some important lessons.

The following are just a few things you can learn from your divorcing parents:

  • Nobody’s perfect: Everyone has certain character weaknesses and areas they can improve. This is important to remember whenever you are dealing with difficult family situations, whether it’s an argument with your spouse, a disciplinary scenario with your children or a moment of frustration involving a friend. It’s important to understand this in your relationships and work together to continue improving.
  • Don’t make a big deal over small issues: Whenever you’re involved in a long-term relationship, there are going to be small issues that annoy you. You’ve likely seen your parents handle these things poorly. It’s a learning opportunity — the small problems will pass, and addressing them in a way that doesn’t blow them out of proportion will ensure that everyone will move on.
  • You are truly resilient: As humans, we can generally handle a lot more emotionally than we give ourselves credit for. Watching your parents come out of a divorce and rebuild their lives, you can see what people are truly capable of. They take a bad, painful situation and come out of it whole. If they are capable of that, so are you.
  • You always need to be prepared for change: Even when we get comfortable with our lives, there’s always the chance that a curveball will come our way. With the proper mindset and some adaptability, you’ll be able to manage these inevitable challenges.

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