How to Get a Low-Cost Divorce in New York

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The cost of litigating any civil case, including a divorce, is notoriously high. And, truth be told, a lot of attorneys are more interested in their bottom line than yours. But, at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., Long Island’s largest and busiest divorce and family law firm, our attorneys are just as cost-conscious as you are. Along with our reputation for aggressive representation, we’ve made a name as a can-do law firm that delivers excellent results at a low cost in uncontested divorces. If uncontested divorce is appropriate to your situation, we can expedite your divorce while achieving your goals for your children, your property and your finances.

Pre-planning is essential to keeping divorce costs low

The key to reducing the costs of divorce is to stay out of court as much as possible. The key to staying out of court is being able to communicate constructively with your spouse. In marriages where the relationship is broken, this can be difficult in the beginning. However, mismanaging the early steps of your divorce can create animosity that hinders the entire process and winds up costing you. The worst thing you can do is surprise your spouse by serving divorce papers without prior warning, especially in a manner that could be publicly humiliating.

Instead, we recommend taking the following positive steps before you file for divorce:

  • Consult an attorney — Odds are you’re dealing with divorce for the first time. Get advice from an experienced divorce lawyer. This will help you get over your nerves and empower you to talk constructively to your spouse.
  • Talk to your spouse about your desire for a divorce — Although there are cases where the request for a divorce comes “out of the blue,” in most marriages, both spouses realize the relationship is over, and many find great relief in having a frank discussion. Choose a moment when you are not angry, so you sound thoughtful rather than impulsive, and be prepared to listen to your spouse’s reaction.
  • Talk to your spouse about your goals for life after divorce — Divorce is less about ending your marriage than it is about laying the foundation for your life after marriage. The more you understand where each of you is headed, the easier it will be to work through conflicts toward a mutually beneficial resolution.
  • Exchange attorney contact information — Assuming that you’ve told your attorney what you want from your divorce, you should stand back and let your legal representation work for you.

After the attorneys confer, you’ll have a better idea of your chances of achieving an uncontested divorce. You may have to attend negotiation sessions or mediate some unresolved issues, but if you and your spouse have no great conflicts, you should be able to reach a marital settlement agreement that paves the way for an uncontested divorce. You may even be able to present a settlement agreement when you file for divorce. Salamone & Associates has outstanding rates for simple divorces, so you can save time and money, and still benefit from our excellent representation.

For your best results in a low-cost divorce, hire a knowledgeable Long Island attorney

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