Almost Done: Documents to Update After Divorce

When your divorce is finalized, it’s time to update some key documents. These include: 

  • Social Security: If you changed your name when you got married, you can regain your married name and obtain a new Social Security card through the Social Security Administration. If you are middle-aged or older upon divorce, inform yourself about Social Security benefits.
  • Driver license: Change the name on your driver license if needed through the New York Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Healthcare proxies: Estate planning is an important priority following divorce. A new will and other estate planning documents should be prepared along with updated health care documentation.
  • Policies: Life insurance, retirement and other policy beneficiaries should be revisited if appropriate.
  • Credit cards: Order a copy of your credit report and review it to ensure your credit record is clean following your divorce. There may be forgotten joint accounts, equity loans or other lines of credit to be closed following a divorce. Follow through with banks and creditors.
  • Safety deposit boxes: If your safety deposit box is held jointly, close your account. Obtain a new box and move your valuables. The signature of your ex-spouse is likely required to close the box.
  • Memberships: Club and other memberships may need to be updated, including online memberships such as Amazon Prime.

Although addressing more legalities may seem like too much following your divorce, these updates conclude your divorce and enable your future to unfold smoothly. With time, your individual identity becomes well established. 

From the outset of separation to delivery of your Judgment of Divorce, our firm offers high-quality, aggressive legal service to help you get a good start on the next part of your life. Call Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. when you have questions.

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