Getting Your Name Changed After Your Divorce

Once your divorce is finalized, you may wish to retake your maiden name. This is a common step taken by most women after divorce, as they understandably wish to begin to next phase of their life by shedding the last remaining tie to their previous marriage.

There are a variety of laws in place to change your name, and the steps you take can vary from location to location. But in general, here’s a quick overview of how you can expect it to work.

First, almost all states allow you to go back to the name you used before your marriage, whether it’s your maiden name or the name of a previous spouse. You can also choose to use a hyphenated name, if that is your preference.

If your divorce hasn’t been finalized yet, you can speak with the judge and ask him or her to change your name as a part of the terms of your divorce. Simply give your judge the name you want to use at the final hearing, and that can be included in the divorce decree. Once the judge signs the decree, you can get official copies from the office of the clerk. This will give you a genuine name change.

You also have the option to file a name change petition at your local courthouse. There will be a filing fee that you will need to pay and you’ll have to sign some paperwork. You might also need to undergo a criminal background check and get your fingerprints taken. This is to guard against people who are changing their name to flee from the law.

Once your name is officially changed, it’s your responsibility to send this information to government agencies.

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