Interesting Divorce Statistics and Correlations

National statistics like the “divorce rate” are subject to constant scrutiny and analysis, and different studies may come to different results. The following are a few statistics and correlations related to divorce that may or may not surprise you:

  • Cohabitation before marriage increases the likelihood of divorce: This is one of those issues that has been studied over and over again, with differing results. One report from 2009 indicates there is a 49 percent chance of a couple divorcing within the first five years of marriage if they lived together before they were married, and a 62 percent chance a divorce will occur within 10 years. This contrasts with a 20 percent divorce rate within five years and a 33 percent rate within 10 years for couples that did not live together previously.
  • The “seven year itch” is a real thing: One study indicates that couples that make it through seven years of marriage have the best chance of a long-lasting, happy relationship. The first two years tend to involving getting to know each other more closely, while the third and fourth years are when people really settle into their marriages. The fifth year, meanwhile, is when stresses such as jobs and expanding families tend to begin complicating the relationship.
  • People who marry their affair partner are extremely likely to divorce: This is not particularly surprising, but one study indicates 75 percent of people who marry someone with whom they previously had an affair will get divorced.
  • Cheaper weddings are likely to lead to longer marriages: The average wedding in America these days is pushing $30,000. However, a CNN study from a couple years back showed couples who spend more than $20,00 on a wedding have a divorce rate 1.6 times that of people who spend between $5,000 and $10,000.

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