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Divorce Rate for Newlyweds Down 50 Percent Since 1993

A new study indicates that the number of couples getting divorced after just three years of marriage was cut half over the last 25 years. Divorce rates in general hit their all-time high in 1993 after starting to rise in the 1960s. For couples married for five years or more, the rate has fallen by… Read More »

Study Evaluates How Divorce Rates Influenced by Field of Work

Researchers have long studied the effects of people’s jobs on various factors of their lives, including their health, happiness, stress levels and financial security. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that certain fields of work can have more of a toll on relationships than others, resulting in increased divorce rates for those who serve… Read More »

Millennials Credited for Shrinking Divorce Rate in America

Millennials have been blamed for the devastation of fast casual restaurants, napkins, cereal, box stores, diamonds and fabric softener, among many other products and industries. But a recent report actually gives the generation — made up of people born between 1982 and 2000 — credit for shrinking the divorce rate in the United States. A… Read More »

New Research Investigates What Makes Couples Get Divorced

A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology investigates what causes couples to divorce, and uncovered one particularly surprising sign. In the study, researchers followed 168 couples over the course of 13 years to discover which signals were most likely to indicate a future divorce and which indicate a strong, healthy… Read More »

A Look at Divorce Statistics by Generation

U.S. divorce rates have risen and fallen over the past several decades. During that time, each generation has had its own approach to divorce. The divorce rate peaked during the late 1970s and early 1980s, but ever since it has been on a steady decline. However, the number of new marriages that fail is still… Read More »

Interesting Divorce Statistics and Correlations

National statistics like the “divorce rate” are subject to constant scrutiny and analysis, and different studies may come to different results. The following are a few statistics and correlations related to divorce that may or may not surprise you: Cohabitation before marriage increases the likelihood of divorce: This is one of those issues that has… Read More »

Contrary to Popular Belief, National Divorce Rate is Declining

You’ve probably heard the statistic thrown around that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce, and that the amount of divorces in America is increasing all the time. However, a recent piece from the New York Times suggests that neither of these “facts” are true. The following are few of the facts presented in… Read More »

New Study Delves into Divorce Statistics

As Baby Boomers continue to divorce at record rates, a new study indicates the marriage rate for younger married couples is also unstable. In 2013, researchers from Bowling Green State University published a paper revealing the divorce rate for older Americans is skyrocketing. In May of this year, a different study fine tunes figures by… Read More »

Does Cohabitation Before Marriage Cause Divorce? Short Answer: No

It is inevitable that people wonder how and why their marriage soured. Couples who lived together prior to marriage can breathe a sigh of relief—it did not cause your divorce.  In recent decades, the rate of cohabitation in the United States has risen approximately 900 percent. A recent study published in the Journal of Marriage… Read More »

New York Divorce Statistics

It’s normal to feel isolated when you are facing the end of your marriage. The truth, however, is that you are far from alone. Tens of thousands of people go through divorce every year in New York State. With the help of an experienced domestic relations attorney, you can see the process through to a… Read More »