L.A. vs. F.S. (Bryan L. Salamone & Associates Obtains Child Support for Client Based on Three Times the Income Reported by Her Husband)

By decision of the Family Court of the County of Suffolk dated May 30, 2013, a mother received child support three times the income reported by her husband.

Through cross examination and introduction of subpoenaed records Mr. Salamone was able to show that Mr. S (father of three) should be paying based upon $90,000.00 and not his $30,000.00 as reported. Accordingly, the Court imputed “an annual income to the Respondent of $60,000.00 per year” above and beyond his reported $30,000.00.

In finding for the mother, the Court stated “a court is not bound by the testimony of a party as to his or her economic situation and they may input income to the party based on the parties past income, education or earning capacity where the court finds the parties account of his/her finances not credible or to be suspect. See Sena vs. Sena 65 AD 3D 1244 (2nd Dept.) the court imputed the income against the father in this case based on the evidence that was elicited by attorney Bryan L. Salamone during cross examination in favor of the mother.

In child support cases, hidden income; off the books income; and inputted income are large issues in today’s economy. Bryan L. Salamone & Associates represents both the mothers and the fathers seeking child support or seeking to reduce child support. The firm is familiar with both sides and the firm has a former county attorney on staff.

Mr. Salamone conducts free consultations on select matters and is widely recognized as an authority in support, custody and divorce cases in the State of New York.

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