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Tips for Divorced Parents for Coparenting During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some massive changes to many people’s everyday lives. Now, with children across the country off of school, there are even more coparenting challenges for divorced parents to deal with than usual. There is a complicated balance to maintain during the pandemic between keeping everyone safe but also honoring the… Read More »

Stress of Divorce Increases Risk of Heart Attacks

A recent scientific study published in Cardiology Research and Practice,  a publication in the United Kingdom, created a correlation between divorce and adverse cardiac outcomes. The study tracked 1,068 patients, of whom 124 were divorced. The effects were particularly noticeable in women, in whom there was a significant adjusted association between divorce and severe coronary… Read More »

Is Waiting Until Kids are Older a Reason to Put Off Divorce?

It’s not entirely uncommon for unhappy couples to “stay together for the kids,” believing it to be better for their children if they have two parents in the household. The reality, though, is that there is never an ideal time to get a divorce. In fact, remaining in an unhappy relationship could actually be more… Read More »

Why Do Divorce Waiting Periods Exist?

If you want to get divorced, you can’t go out and make it happen that day—there are mandatory waiting periods in place that you’ll have to weather before you’re able to make it official. But why do these waiting periods exist? Here are a few of the biggest reasons: Possibility of reconciliation: Many states with… Read More »

Separate Bank Accounts is Not a Method for Protecting Assets in a Divorce

More married couples today are opting to forego getting joint bank accounts to keep their finances separate after marriage. There are plenty of pros and cons to either approach, however it is important to note that if your marriage ends in divorce, having separate bank accounts will not protect the assets you place in them,… Read More »

Avoid Taking a Hit to Retirement Savings During Divorce

While the divorce rate has seen a drastic drop-off over the last couple decades, there is one demographic for which it is actually surging, and that is people over 50. The rates of “gray divorce” have more than doubled since 1990, according to information from Bowling Green State University’s National Center for Family and Marriage… Read More »

Tax Strategies That Could Help Your Divorce Settlement

Interested in finding ways to make your divorce settlement easier? Here are just a few strategies you could consider implementing. Put alimony in a trust The changes in how alimony would be taxed opened up some new possibilities for how you’ll deal with alimony. The spouse paying alimony is no longer able to deduct the… Read More »

What You Should Know About Divorce and Taxes

We’re in the thick of tax season now, but it also happens to be the time of year at which divorces surge. Therefore, if you’re starting a divorce process now, it’s important you keep tax considerations in mind. Here are a few things you should know about divorce and taxes. Know your filing status: If… Read More »

How Did Divorce Change Over the Last Decade?

The trends in the field of divorce and the way divorce is perceived in general have changed a bit over the last decade. It’s getting increasingly less likely that couples will find themselves in knock-down, drag-out fights over most divorce related issues. Shifting gender norms have resulted in a more neutral perspective in most issues,… Read More »

What Does it Cost to Get Divorced in the United States?

One of the most common concerns people have entering a potential divorce scenario, beyond just how the divorce will uproot their lives, is how much they can expect the entire divorce process to cost. The costs of a divorce will vary widely from case to case, so it can be difficult to come up with… Read More »