The Most Common Divorce Question: How Much Will It Cost?

The Most Common Divorce Question: How Much Will It Cost?

Our law firm receives many questions from people considering a divorce. Perhaps the most common question is some variation of how much a divorce will cost.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Every divorce is different, as they all involve different issues and financial circumstances. However, we would like to provide some general information to get you started.

The expected cost of a divorce

Studies indicate that divorcing spouses spend about $17,700, on average, to resolve their divorces if alimony is involved. Without alimony, the cost of the average divorce drops significantly, to about $9,700.

Keep in mind that this is only the cost of getting through the process. The cost in terms of the amount of money and property divided during the asset division process can vary significantly depending on the case.

What is it that makes divorces involving alimony so much more expensive to process?

Alimony tends to be a highly contentious issue, and spouses who are unable to agree to their own alimony arrangements (even after negotiation sessions with attorneys or mediators) will often go to trial. In fact, approximately 30 percent of spouses going through divorce that has alimony end up going to trial. Divorce cases that go to trial cost significantly more than those settled out of court. There are more attorney and court fees to consider.

This is why, if you are worried about the cost of a divorce, it is important to do as much as you can to settle the case outside of the court. This may involve working with your spouse to come to an agreement with which you can both live.

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