The Need for Strong Representation

Almost all people getting divorced need an attorney. Even if couples work out agreements over the kitchen table, an attorney experienced with family law should review those arrangements.

At the outset, most people getting divorced have no idea what kind of attorney they need. They just know they want a good one—someone who hears their story and takes action. Too late in the game many people feel pressured by their lawyer to settle for less, or agree to a custody arrangement they do not feel is appropriate. That is wrong.

Our firm is the largest family law firm on Long Island. We are well-known in court and are not afraid to prosecute, or appeal any divorce matter that calls for it. Because we have attorneys in court almost every day and fight hard to get good results for our clients, we know what works when you are looking for an attorney to handle your divorce, child custody, or other family law matter.

When choosing legal counsel, make sure your attorney can deliver the following:

  • Responsive, effective legal service available by appointment or on short notice in the event of a child custody issue.
  • A track record of excellence and a reputation to match. As an advocate, your attorney is your voice to the judiciary, law guardians, and other court personnel throughout your divorce.
  • Willingness and ability to take any matter to court when needed.

Do not settle for less—choose an attorney with the talent and the experience to obtain the result you need.

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