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Common Signs You Should Consider Marriage Counseling

If you are having trouble in your marriage, you do not have to immediately turn to separation or divorce. Marriage counseling can help you resolve some of the underlying issues causing harm to your relationship and prevent you from ending your relationship when it’s not truly necessary to do so. The following are a few… Read More »

Conversations to Have Before Marriage to Avoid a Potential Divorce

If you wish to give your marriage the best chance of succeeding, you must have honest, open conversations with your significant other about important topics before you even get engaged. These conversations might be sensitive and even uncomfortable, but it is crucial to be on the same page as your significant other with these issues… Read More »

Maintain Consistency with Your Child’s Schooling During and After Divorce

Although it’s somewhat rare, it’s not unheard of for one parent to enroll children in a different school without the permission of the other parent or the court. Obviously, this is usually a problem when the two parents are separated or divorced. In some cases, children even go entirely unenrolled because the parents have such… Read More »

Be Honest with Your Kids During Divorce

When it comes to approaching the issue of divorce with your children, honesty is always the best policy. Of course, there are some caveats to mention, but you should never feel as though you must lie to your kids about what is happening during the divorce process. In fact, doing so could cause trust issues… Read More »

Does New York Recognize Foreign Divorce Decrees?

Many countries allow their citizens who are living overseas to file for divorce in their home country. This could involve obtaining a divorce without either spouse being physically present in that country. This process is often favored by people living in the United States for work or other reasons despite not being citizens, as the… Read More »

New York-Specific Divorce Rules to Know

Are you preparing to file for divorce in New York? Below is a brief overview of a few rules and factors you might consider as you move forward with the process. Grounds for divorce The state of New York allows you to file for divorce on either fault or no-fault grounds. Fault grounds can give… Read More »

Important Residency Issues to Know in Your Divorce

All states require a spouse to have been a resident of the state before filing for divorce. In most cases, there are some minimums (six months to a year) associated with these residency requirements. In fact, there are only three states — Alaska, South Dakota and Washington — that allow you to file for divorce… Read More »

Can a Spouse Prevent a Divorce Filed on Fault-Based Grounds?

There is no way for a single spouse to stop a no-fault divorce. However, the state of New York does allow for fault-based grounds for divorce, in which a spouse can prevent the divorce from proceeding by convincing the court he or she was not actually at fault for the split. In addition to proving… Read More »

Remember the 401(k) in Your Divorce

Retirement plans like 401(k)s are plans companies offer to their employees. This means that a 401(k) is not an asset you and your spouse jointly own — it is instead a benefit offered to one person by his or her employer. A common question in divorce cases is whether you can split the payouts of… Read More »

Number of Americans Who Say Divorce is Morally Acceptable Hits Record High

A new Gallup poll indicates the number of American adults who consider divorce to be “morally acceptable” is at its highest level in history. Today, 73 percent of adults in the United States have no moral objection to divorce, which breaks the previous high by one percentage point. That number has also risen 14 percentage… Read More »