Tips to Cut Down on Post-Divorce Arguments

Tips to Cut Down on Post-Divorce Arguments

The time after your divorce is stressful enough without having to worry about communicating with your former spouse. Unfortunately, some minimal level of communication may be necessary, especially if the two of you have minor children together. Therefore, you should focus on taking whatever steps possible to cut down on unnecessary fights and hostility in the wake of your divorce.

Below are some tips to help you accomplish this:

  • Keep the focus on the kids: If both of you are focused on doing what’s best for your children, then it should be a little easier to avoid unnecessary arguments, as you are both paying attention to the same thing.
  • Be the bigger person: If you can stop fighting your end of the battle, your ex-spouse will lose the motivation to keep fighting soon, as well. It takes a lot of maturity and restraint to be the bigger person, but it is an effective way to cut down on post-divorce contention.
  • Focus on practical issues: If you know that you and your former spouse are going to be at each other’s throats if you spend too much time talking to one another, try to limit your conversations solely to practical issues you must work through together. These may include logistical issues involving the kids or other problems you must solve.
  • Know what’s likely to set you off: What are the issues most likely to trigger your anger? If you know what these triggers are for you and can work through them, it will be much more difficult for your ex-spouse to use them against you. You may also employ strategies to defuse your anger when you feel it rising.
  • Don’t feel like you always have to get the last word in: This goes along with being the bigger person, but it’s worth putting under its own point. If you can get over the importance of always being “right,” it becomes much easier to defuse hostile conversations with your former spouse.

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