Understanding Your Children’s Legal Rights

Minor children under the age of 18 years old are afforded certain rights to protect their best interests as they grow up. It is important that divorcing parents understand the legal rights of their children so that they can report any violations to their attorney or local authorities. The following are several key legal rights of kids:

  • Right to proper care: The state of New York has laws in place that protect the fundamental needs of children. When an individual becomes a parent, they are responsible for providing proper shelter, food, clothing and health care to their child. Parents who do not provide these necessities for their children may have parental rights taken away.
  • Right to education: All children have a right to attend school. In the case of disabled children, schools must provide special education for the child whenever possible. Divorced parents are responsible for ensuring that the child is properly enrolled in school and facilitating all necessary transportation and financial support needed to secure an education.
  • Right to legal representation: If you fear your child may be abused or neglected while in the other parent’s care, you may enlist the support of an attorney who can help you modify custody orders with the help of a judge. The court places the best interests of children as a top priority in all custody and child support proceedings.
  • Right to court-ordered visitation: When a judge grants a noncustodial parent visitation rights, it means that the child is legally permitted to spend time building a relationship with the parent. Parents with custody cannot interfere with visitation schedules or attempt to restrict the child’s access to the noncustodial parent.

If you have questions about whether your child’s rights are being upheld, consult the dedicated Long Island family law attorneys at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates right away.


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