Common Signs You Should Consider Marriage Counseling

Common Signs You Should Consider Marriage Counseling

If you are having trouble in your marriage, you do not have to immediately turn to separation or divorce. Marriage counseling can help you resolve some of the underlying issues causing harm to your relationship and prevent you from ending your relationship when it’s not truly necessary to do so.

The following are a few signs you might consider marriage counseling:

  • You have a communication breakdown: Many problems in a relationship can be solved through better communication. A counselor can help you find new, more effective ways to communicate with each other in a constructive manner and help you work through your problems.
  • It feels like you and your spouse are on opposite sides: It’s important to remember during your marriage that you and your spouse are supposed to be a team. If you begin to see the other person as your adversary or an antagonist, you should seek help to restore your relationship.
  • You regularly keep secrets: Everyone has a right to privacy to an extent, but you should not make a habit of keeping secrets from each other. Your spouse should be the one person with whom you can be completely open.
  • You consider having an affair: Fantasizing about affairs (or planning to act on those fantasies) is a sign you desire something other than what you have. It’s important to seek help before you act on these desires. A relationship can be salvaged after an affair, but it is far easier to seek help before the affair occurs than it is to try to put the pieces back together afterward.
  • You are financially unfaithful: If one or both of you are constantly keeping the other in the dark about your spending or put too much energy into trying to control everything financial, counseling could help you to resolve these issues.

Although marriage counseling can help some couples, others ultimately need to move ahead with the divorce process. For the sound legal guidance you need during this time, speak with a skilled Long Island divorce lawyer at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates.

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