Conversations to Have Before Marriage to Avoid a Potential Divorce

Conversations to Have Before Marriage to Avoid a Potential Divorce

If you wish to give your marriage the best chance of succeeding, you must have honest, open conversations with your significant other about important topics before you even get engaged. These conversations might be sensitive and even uncomfortable, but it is crucial to be on the same page as your significant other with these issues before you enter a marriage.

Below are a few of those topics that you should discuss before moving ahead with a marriage:

  • Money: Will one or both of you work during your marriage? Who will be responsible for paying bills? What is your approach to savings, budgeting and general money management? Will you begin saving for retirement immediately? You do not want to enter a marriage if you have completely opposite or incompatible ideas regarding money and finances.
  • Kids: Do you want children? How soon do you want children? How do you want to raise your children? Long before you ever actually have kids, you should be familiar with each other’s views on raising kids to avoid major, potentially relationship-dooming arguments.
  • Personal space: Sometimes people need time alone to recharge. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but if you do not make this clear with your partner before a marriage, it could be a source of consternation and strife in your relationship.
  • Problem solving: You should always have a plan for how you will handle problems that may arise in your relationship, whether they are physical medical, mental, financial or emotional in nature.
  • General expectations: It can be helpful to set some general ground rules for your marriage, covering issues like communication, your social lives, rituals and traditions, religion and more.

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