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Ex-Husband of Wendy Williams Seeking Past Due Alimony

Circumstances can change dramatically relatively quickly after a divorce is finalized. A major or even life-changing event can occur that makes it difficult for an ex-spouse to comply with the terms of their order. This can lead to additional litigation to determine if divorce arrangements should be enforced or modified.  As a popular talk-show host,… Read More »

Understanding a Motion for Pendente Lite

The time after you decide to divorce but before you are divorced can stretch for many months, and sometimes for years. During a divorce trial or as you negotiate with your spouse and the divorce moves forward, important decisions are made about property division, spousal and child support, and parenting issues, if there is a… Read More »

Family Law Issues: A Top Five List

Family law addresses the business of relationships—of the sometimes-hard endings needed to win new beginnings. Even as laws change and the economy falters, issues such as child custody, divorce, and relocation continue to affect real people like you every day. We have the largest family law practice on Long Island. We work daily to hammer… Read More »