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Happy Meal Tantrum Leads to Bitter Custody Battle

In November of 2013, a tantrum over the refusal of a New York dad to give his son a Happy Meal led a psychologist to label him an “unfit father.”  Recently, the judge in the matter warned the parties to settle their differences or see their four-year old child hauled into her courtroom.  Earlier in… Read More »

The Tragedy of Custody Battles: Three-Year Old Dies When Thrown From Building

Attorneys, court personnel and those who have gone through divorce understand the sometimes terribly acrimony and fear felt by parents during the divorce process. A tragedy in December revealed the instability of one father distraught over a conflicted custody matter.  A native of the Ukraine, Dmitriy Kanarikov, 35, lived in Brooklyn and worked as a… Read More »

The Role of an Attorney for the Child in Custody Disputes

Amid the he said, she said drama of hard-fought child custody and visitation cases, we can sometimes forget another small but important voice — that of the child. To ensure that custody proceedings focus on the unique interests of the child, family law judges may appoint an attorney for the child (formerly known as a… Read More »

Five Ways to Jeopardize Your Custody & Visitation Rights

Custody battles are heart-wrenching because they involve innocent victims — the children. As a family law attorney, I see bitter parents trying to use custody and visitations as weapons. Ultimately, these tactics can backfire. Here are some key mistakes: Interfering with visitation. Whether you repeatedly show up late for visitation exchanges or miss them completely,… Read More »

Standing Up for Your Custody Rights

You always serve your interests best in a divorce by arriving at a mutually agreeable settlement for important issues like child custody. But, as the leading family law firm in Nassau, Queens and Suffolk Counties, we know that mutually agreeable may be a foreign concept to some contentious couples and that the case could end… Read More »