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Common Fights That Can Predict a Divorce

Over the years there have been numerous studies performed about marriages and divorces that seek to determine factors that make for happy (and unhappy) marriages. Certain key behavior patterns are more commonly associated with couples who will get divorced, such as constant criticism, defensive behaviors and general contempt. Constant arguments can also be a sign… Read More »

Biting the Hand: Property Settlement Reduced for Trash Talk

A New York woman saw her divorce settlement reduced for repeatedly attacking the reputation of her estranged husband in the media and around town.  Married for almost 20 years, Ira and Janice Schacter engaged in a bitter divorce for seven years. Remarking on the actions of both parties, New York Supreme Court justice, Laura E…. Read More »

Happy Meal Tantrum Leads to Bitter Custody Battle

In November of 2013, a tantrum over the refusal of a New York dad to give his son a Happy Meal led a psychologist to label him an “unfit father.”  Recently, the judge in the matter warned the parties to settle their differences or see their four-year old child hauled into her courtroom.  Earlier in… Read More »

Contested Custody and Forensic Reports in New York

Reality often seems to take a walk during the heat of a bitter custody battle. In January, a prominent neurosurgeon tried to take a walk with a court report concerning his children—and was arrested.  Dr. Eric Braverman is a well-known Manhattan surgeon, radio personality and author of anti-aging books. Wisely or not, Dr. Braverman is… Read More »

Do You Need a Parent Coordinator?

In high-conflict divorce matters, the use of a parenting coordinator is sometimes suggested. What is a parenting coordinator, and can one really help? According to the American Psychological Association, parenting coordination is a nonadversarial dispute resolution process ordered by a court or agreed to and paid for by parents. For families routinely using lawyer-assisted negotiation… Read More »

Is Yours a High-Conflict Divorce?

When your spouse asked to separate, you agreed. Because you have children, you urged your spouse to work through divorce collaboratively or through mediation. Seven months down the road, you feel stymied. Your spouse appears to have no interest in recognizing the issues and, worse yet, is making serious, unfounded accusations against you. What’s going… Read More »

Divorce and the Digital World: How Technology Can Help

For many people, divorce means the end of a relationship and limited future contact with a former spouse. However, for partners with children, a romantic relationship can end but parenting is forever. In recent years, technology has eased some of the anxiety and annoyance for former spouses and future co-parents. Working with clients throughout Long… Read More »

Coping With the End of Divorce

Every divorce story is different. Yours may have been a simple, uncontested divorce, or you may have endured years of high conflict divorce, custody trials and post-judgment proceedings. Whether your divorce was relatively easy or financially and emotionally devastating, the end of the process to dissolve your marriage eventually arrives. Understanding how to begin —… Read More »