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Four Tips for Reducing Costs During Divorce

Some divorces wind up as lengthy and bitter courtroom battles, and when they do things can quickly get expensive. Our firm is known for protecting clients through aggressive litigation in court whenever needed, but we’re committed to putting our clients in the best possible position, emotionally and financially. This means finding the most cost-efficient way… Read More »

The Steps to Keeping Your House in a Divorce

Depending on the circumstances of your personal life and finances, you might wish to keep your house following a divorce. If you owned the house prior to your marriage, this is simple—the home is considered a non-marital asset and thus is not subject to the asset distribution process. However, if you and your spouse jointly… Read More »

Steps to Take Immediately if Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

When your spouse brings up the subject of divorce, it is completely natural to be stunned and emotionally numb in response. However, despite your impulse to close off, there are certain actions you must take quickly if you are to protect yourself and emerge from the divorce in a stable financial position. Here are some… Read More »

Keeping a House After a Divorce Has Become More Feasible

Financial advisors in an average divorce case will frequently recommend against keeping the family home after the divorce. In many cases, it will be too much of a burden financially for one spouse to continue keeping up with all the costs of home ownership on just one income. In recent years, however, holding on to… Read More »

Finances Can Be a Predictor of Divorce

It likely comes as no surprise that a couple’s financial situation can have a large influence on strains in the relationship that could lead to divorce. According to a survey by SunTrust Bank, money is the leading cause of stress in relationships, with 35 percent of people surveyed naming finances as their chief source of… Read More »