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Are You Responsible for Your Partner’s Debts in a Divorce?

Marital debt is a significant factor in any divorce. Debts, like assets, are subject to division as part of the divorce process. But to what extent will you be responsible for your partner’s debts? Marital versus separate debt Before your debts can be divided, they must be categorized as marital or separate, similar to your… Read More »

What Effect Does Infidelity Have on Divorce?

If you are going through a divorce because of adultery, you might be wondering what effect your spouse’s infidelity can have on your divorce. New York is one of a few states that still uses fault-based grounds that can affect a case in various ways, with one of those grounds being adultery. The following are… Read More »

What You Should Know About Dating During a Divorce

One question people commonly have while going through a divorce is whether or not it’s okay for them to begin dating. The simplest answer is that you should wait until your divorce is final, but realistically, this doesn’t always happen. If you do meet someone during your divorce process, it’s important for you to exercise… Read More »

How to Secure a Temporary Custody Order During a Divorce

Your divorce may take months to resolve, but there may be some issues you need to settle right away, at least temporarily. Child custody is one of those issues. Who will have custody of the kids during the divorce proceedings? You have two options during your divorce if one spouse has moved out of the… Read More »

How to Prove a Parent is Unfit for Child Custody

During child custody disputes, one of the primary factors that will go into a judge’s ultimate custody decision is each parent’s fitness to take custody of the children. If one parent is shown to be a danger to the child or unfit in any way, the court may choose to grant full physical custody to… Read More »

What if Your Child Does Not Want to Visit the Other Parent?

After a divorce, both parents will still have the right to at least visit with their children, except in some rare circumstances. Even if the child is not spending time living with each parent, there will be allotted visitation times for the noncustodial spouse. Your divorce agreement will include a custody order and visitation schedule… Read More »

Some Post-Divorce Etiquette to Keep in Mind

Even after your divorce is complete, it is still important to be mindful of what you say and how you act, especially when it comes to your children and former spouse. Below are some post-divorce etiquette tips to keep in mind: Watch what you say in front of your children: You should never badmouth your… Read More »

Financial Challenges You Must Overcome Immediately Following Divorce

Once your divorce is final, you will need to make some lifestyle changes to adjust for the fact that your financial situation may be much tighter for the foreseeable future. Below are a few examples of some of the specific financial challenges for which you should plan: Living situation: If you and your spouse owned… Read More »

The Most Common Financial Issues to Confront in Divorce

Divorce does not just place a lot of strain on you emotionally and physically — it also takes a financial toll. You and your spouse must make a series of decisions that will have a significant impact on your financial situations, both present and future. The following are just a few examples of the biggest… Read More »

The Biggest Co-parenting Challenges You Will Face

If you and your former partner have children, you will need to maintain a relationship with some level of cordiality for the sake of raising those kids. Co-parenting can be a tough challenge for divorced parents, especially in particularly contentious relationships. Fortunately, the challenges that come with it can be overcome with maturity and communication…. Read More »