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Key Tips for Making a Legal Separation Work

A legal separation can be a good way to transition into your new life as a divorced couple. However, it’s important to have some strict ground rules in place to make sure that the separation is actually an effective, beneficial one. With this in mind, here are some tips for making a legal separation work:… Read More »

Common Fights That Can Predict a Divorce

Over the years there have been numerous studies performed about marriages and divorces that seek to determine factors that make for happy (and unhappy) marriages. Certain key behavior patterns are more commonly associated with couples who will get divorced, such as constant criticism, defensive behaviors and general contempt. Constant arguments can also be a sign… Read More »

Some States Lag Behind in Child Marriage Legislation

In 2017, New York enacted new restrictions on child marriages in the state, changing its minimum age for marriage from 14 to 18 and requiring both parental and judicial consent for marriages between 17 and 18 years old. There are other states, however, that still have a long way to go with regard to protecting… Read More »

Key Questions to Ask Your Potential Divorce Attorney

Perhaps the most important early step of your divorce process is choosing an attorney to represent you in the coming months. There are going to be plenty of options out there in the field of divorce and family law, so it’s important you do your homework and find an attorney with whom you are completely… Read More »

Temporary Orders Can Help Resolve Family Disputes

As you move through the divorce process, you could find that you must make a quick decision related to issues like child support or alimony. In these cases, you may request a temporary order, which will be in effect until a permanent order can be arranged and made official in your divorce decree. If you… Read More »

Tips for Sharing Birthdays, Holidays in a Joint Custody Situation

If you are a parent in a shared custody arrangement after a divorce, birthdays and holidays can be especially difficult times. You may need to accept that your long-time rituals can no longer occur as they once did. However, there are still ways you can make these times of the year special and meaningful. Below… Read More »

When You and Your Spouse Share Friends and are Getting Divorced

One of the more difficult parts of a divorce is how you manage the friendships you share with your former spouse. Your friends may feel like they have to choose one of you over the other. If they do try to maintain friendships with each spouse, it can take some careful social planning to avoid… Read More »

Qualities You Should Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Once you have decided to end your marriage, you should begin the search for a divorce attorney who can help you through all the legal steps associated with the process. But how can you choose a divorce lawyer who is right for you? Below are some qualities you should prioritize in any attorney you choose… Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions on Marriage Requirements, Ceremonies and Licenses

Are you preparing for your wedding? While much of your attention may be focused on apparel, reception venues and vendors, you should also spend some time considering the legal aspects of your upcoming contract. Below are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions we hear regarding marriage requirements, ceremonies and licenses…. Read More »

Parents Occasionally Misinterpret Why Children Complain About Visitation

A common concern that comes up during child custody disputes is that one parent claims a child tends to “beg” not to go with the other parent during the appointed visitation times. Typically, the parent interprets this behavior to mean the child dislikes the other parent or that the other parent is incompetent or abusive…. Read More »